List of genomics related sites



Part 1: Molecular Biology Search and Analysis

3D-ALI - Database relating Proteins Structures and Sequences (see Documentation) at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
AA Analysis !Recent! - Protein Identification in SwissProt and PIR using Amino Acid Composition at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
AA Composition - Protein Identification in SwissProt using Amino Acid Composition at ExPASy, Switzerland (W3)
AA Similarity - Compare the Amino Acid Composition of a SwissProt Entry with Other Entries at ExPASy, Switzerland (W3)
ALIGN !Recent! - Optimal Global Alignment of Two Sequences with No Short-cuts at EERIE-Nimes, France (W3)
AllAll - Relationships in a Set of Related Peptides at ETH-Zürich, Switzerland (W3)
AllAllDB - Search the All-Against-All Database of SwissProt at ETH-Zürich, Switzerland (W3)
AMAS - Analysis of Protein Multiple Sequence Alignments at U. Oxford, UK (W3)
Backtranslate !Recent! - Translate a Protein Sequence back to a Nucleotide Sequence at EERIE-Nimes, France (W3)
BCM Search Launcher !New! at BERLIN !Recent! - RNA Databank of 5S rRNA and 5S rRNA Gene Sequences at CAOS/CAMM, The Netherlands (W3)
Biological Units - Expanded PDB Entries with Full Biological Units at Brookhaven National Laboratory (FTP)
Biologist's Search Palette - Collection of Search Engines for Biological Databases at Oxford U., UK (W3)
BioSCAN !New! - Biological Sequence Comparative Analysis at U. North Caroline (W3)
BMCD !New! - Biological Macromolecule Crystallization Database at CARB (W3)
BLAST - Basic Local Alignment Research Tool at NCBIBLAST !Recent! at GenomeNet, Japan, BLAST !Recent! at EERIE-Nimes, France and BLAST !New! at CRIHAN, France (W3)
BLITZ (see Documentation) at EMBL-Heidelberg and BLITZ at EBI, UK (W3)
BLOCKS - Database of Highly Conserved Regions in Proteins (W3) and BLOCKS-WAIS (Gopher) at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterBLOCKS at EMBL-Heidelberg andBLOCKS-Search w/ search from Iowa State (W3)
CATH !New! - Protein Structure Classification at UCL-London, UK (W3)
Codon Usage - Analysis of Different ORFs in a Gene Sequence at U. Minnesota (W3)
CpGIsle !Recent! - CpG Islands Database at BEN, Belgium (W3)
Darwin - Data Analysis and Retrieval With Indexed Nucleotide/Peptide Sequences at ETH-Zürich, Switzerland (W3)
dbEST - Database of Expressed Sequence Tags at NCBI (W3)
DBGET - Integrated Database Retrieval System (w/ diagram links) at GenomeNet, Japan (W3)
DDBJ - DNA Database of Japan at National Institute of Genetics, Japan (Gopher)
Dot Plot - Compare a DNA Sequence with Itself at U. Minnesota (W3)
DrugBank !New! - Three-dimensional Drug Structure Databank at NIH (W3)
DSSP !New! - Database of Secondary Structure of Proteins from PDB (see Documentation) at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
EC Enzyme at John Hopkins and EC Number Table at GenomeNet, Japan and GenoBase Enzyme Index at NIH (W3)
EMBL - Nucleotide Sequence Database and EMBL-New Entries at EMBnet-Basel (Gopher)
EMNEW - Index of New EMBL Sequences at EBI, UK (W3)
EMP Compound and EMP Pathways - Selkov Enzyme and Metabolic Pathway (EMP) Database at NIH (W3)
EMP Metabolic Pathways - Navigation in Metabolic Pathways from MCS-Computational Biology at Argonne National Laboratory (W3)
ENTREZ - Protein and Nucleotide Database (see Documentation) at NCBI (W3)
ENZYME - The Enzyme Data Bank at ExPASy, Switzerland (W3)
EPD - Eucaryotic Promoter Database at EMBL-Heidelberg, Germany and EPD !New! at GenomeNet, Japan (W3)
EPO !New! - European Patent Office Nucleotide Database at BiO/U. Oslo, Norway (W3) and EPO at CSC, Finland (Gopher)
FASTA - Compare a Nucleic Acid Sequence to Nucleotide Sequence Databases (w/ updates) at EBI, UK, FASTA !Recent! at EERIE-Nimes, France and FASTA !New! at CRIHAN, France (W3)
FlyBase !New! - Genetic and Molecular Database for Drosophila at Harvard U. (W3)
FSSP - Database of Families of Structurally Similar Proteins derived from PDB at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
FTHOM !Recent! - Compare Protein Domain Homology at ABC, Hungary (W3)
GDB - Human Genome Data Base at John Hopkins (W3)
GenBank Database (+Updates) at NCBI and GenBank-Fetch at Washington U. (W3)
Gene Finder !New! - Predict Gene Structure, Internal Exons and Splicing Sites in DNA and Exon-Exon Junstion in cDNA at GenoBase at NIH (W3)
Genome Databases !Recent! and Genome Centers !Recent! - World Wide Links at EERIE-Nimes, France (W3)
Genome Workstation !New! - Genome Related Links at Roslin Institute, UK (W3)
Genomic Maps - Links to Genome Specific Resources at Biotech-Indiana (W3)
GenQuest - Search Against Protein Databases with the Q server at John Hopkins (W3)
Grail !New! - Analysis of the Protein Coding Potential of a DNA Sequence (see Documentation) at ORNL (W3)
GSDB - Genome Sequence Database at NCGR (W3)
GuessProt - Selects SwissProt proteins given pI and Mw at ExPASy, Switzerland (W3)
HHS - SwissProt and PDB Systematic Sequence Classification Database at Washington U. (W3)
HOVERGEN !Recent! - Database of Homologous Vertebrate Genes at CAOS/CAMM, The Netherlands (W3)
HSSP - Database of Homology-Derived Structures of Proteins based on PDB and SwissProt at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
Kabat - Database of Proteins of Immunological Interest at John Hopkins (Gopher)
Kinemage-Index - "Kinetical Images" by Protein Type at Protein Science (W3)
Klotho - Biochemical Compounds Declarative Database at Washington U. (W3)
LALIGN !Recent! - Calculates the N-Best Local Alignments Between Two Sequences at EERIE-Nimes, France (W3)
LFASTA !Recent! - Local Similarity Searches Between Two Sequences Showing Local Alignments at EERIE-Nimes, France (W3)
LIGAND - Ligand Chemical Database for Enzyme Reactions at GenomeNet, Japan (W3)
LiMB - Listing of Molecular Biology Databases at NIH (Gopher) and LiMB at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
Map !Recent! - Restriction Analysis and Translation of a DNA Sequence at EERIE-Nimes, France (W3)
MassSearch - Search SwissProt or EMBL Databases by Protein Mass After Digestion at ETH-Zürich, Switzerland (W3)
Metabolic Database !Recent! - Metabolic Reactions and Pathways at CGSC-Yale U. and Metabolic Database !Recent! at INRA-Moulon, France (W3)
MGD - Mouse Genome Database at Jackson Laboratory (W3)
MHCPEP - Database of Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) Binding Peptides at WEHI-Melbourne, Australia (Gopher)
Molecules R US - Interactive Text and Images of PDB Files at NIH (W3)
MPBD - Molecular Probe Data Base at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3) and MPDB at U. Agricultural Sciences, Sweeden (Gopher)
MOOSE !New! - Macromolecular Object Oriented Search Engine to Extract PDB Contained Information at Columbia U. (W3)
MSA - Multiple Sequence Alignment at Washington U. (W3)
MOTIF !Recent! - Search Patterns in Protein Sequences at GenomeNet, Japan Motif at GenomeNet, Japan w/ search from Iowa State (W3)
NDB - Nucleic Acid Database at Rutgers U. (W3)
nnPredict - Predict Protein Secondary Structure at UCSF w/ search from Iowa State (W3)
NRL_3D - Sequence/Structure Database derived from PDB at John Hopkins and NRL_3D at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
NRSub !New! - A Non-Redundant DNA Sequence Database for Bacillus subtilis at National Institute of Genetics, Japan (W3)
NuclPepSearch - Search SwissProt for a Nucletide Sequence at ETH-Zürich, Switzerland (W3)
OMIM - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man at John Hopkins (W3)
Organelle Genome !New! - A Sequence Database at U. Montreal (Gopher)
Organisms and Strains - Links to Databases Specific to Organism and Cell Collections at Biotech-Indiana (W3)
OWL - Non-Redundant Protein Sequence Database (Updated Daily) at John Hopkins (W3)
PDD !New! - Protein Disease Database at NIMH-NCI (W3)
PDB-BrowserPDB-Index and PDB-Pending - Protein Data Bank Structures at Brookhaven National LaboratoryPDB at GenomeNet Japan, PDB at U. Genova, Italy, PDB-List and PDB-Annotated at Brussels Free U., Belgium and PDB-Select at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
PDB At A Glance - Hierarchic Access to PDB Files at NIH (W3)
PDBFINDER - A Database Containing PDB, DSSP and HSSP Information (see Documentation) at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
PDBSTR - Re-organized Protein Data Bank at GenomeNet, Japan (W3)
PepPepSearch - Search SwissProt for a Peptide Sequence at ETH-Zürich, Switzerland (W3)
PHD - Predict Protein Secondary Structure at EMBL-Heidelberg w/ search from Iowa State (W3)
PHILIP-Bootstrapping Analysis !Recent! - Divergence Between Protein or Nucleotide Sequences at Institut Pasteur, France (W3)
Phospepsort !New! - Digest Phosphorylated Peptide Sequences at EERIE-Nimes, France (W3)
pI/Mw - Compute the Theoretical pI and Molecular Weight of a Protein Sequence at ExPASy, Switzerland (W3)
Pileup !Recent! - Align Protein or Nucleotide Sequences at EERIE-Nimes, France (W3)
PIR - Protein Identification Resource Database at John Hopkins (W3)
PIRALN - Database of Sequence Alignments based on PIR at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
PMD - Protein Mutant Database at GenomeNet, Japan and PMD at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
PMOTIF - Search Protein Motifs in Gene Sequence at U. Minnesota (W3)
Poland - Calculate the Thermal Denaturation Profile of Double Stranded RNA or DNA at Uni-Düsseldorf, Germany (W3)
PredictProtein !Recent! - Predict Protein Secondary Structure at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
PRF - Protein Research Foundation Sequence Database at GenomeNet, Japan (W3)
Primer Selection - Select Primers in a Gene Sequence at U. Minnesota (W3)
PRINTS !Recent! - Protein Motif Fingerprints Database (see Documentation) at EMBnet-Basel, Switzerland (W3)
ProDom - A Protein Domain Database and ProDom-Search at Sanger Centre, UK, ProDom at EMBL-Heidelberg and ProDom-Info at Iowa State (W3)
ProLink - Integrated Database of Protein Structure, Sequence Homology, and Functional Pattern Information at BMERC (Gopher)
PROPSEARCH - Protein Sequence Search for Structural Homology Based on Aminoacid Properties at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
PROSITE - Protein Sites and Patterns Database at ExPASy, Switzerland and PROSITE-Search !Recent! at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
Protein-Extras at EMBL-Heidelberg (FTP)
Protein Families - Links to Information on Different Protein Families at Iowa State (W3)
Protein Motions !New! - DataBase of Protein Movements at Stanford U. (W3)
PSORT !Recent! - Predict Protein Sorting Signals Coded in Amino Acid Sequences at GenomeNet, Japan (W3)
PSSP !New! - Protein Secondary Structure Prediction at PUU - Protein Domains Database Based on PDB-Select at EMBL-Heidelberg (FTP)
RDP !New! - Ribosomal Database Project at U. Illinois (W3)
ReBase !New! - Restriction Enzyme Database at New England BiolabsReBase at EMBL-Heidelberg and ReBase at John Hopkins (W3)
RNA Secondary Structures - Information on Group I Introns and rRNA at U. Colorado-Boulder (W3)
rRNA !New! - Databases of Ribosomal Subunit RNA Sequences at U. Antwerp, Belgium (W3)
SBASE - Library of Protein Domains and SBASE-Search at ICGEB-Trieste, Italy (W3)
SCANPS - Scan Protein Sequences at U. Oxford, UK (W3)
SCOP - Structural Classification of Proteins at Cambridge, UK and SCOP at U. South Florida (W3)
Sequence Annotation - Annotations on NCBI Sequences at Sequence Translation - Translate Gene Sequences at U. Minnesota (W3)
Sleuth - Amino Acid Conformation and Solvent Accessibility of PDB Files at Washington U. (FTP)
SOPM !New! - Self Optimized Prediction Method for Prediction of Protein Secondary Structure at IBCP-CNRS, France (W3)
SRSWWW - Network Browser for Databanks in Molecular Biology (w/ diagram links) at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
SRSWWW-Directory !Recent! - Directory of SRSWWW Network Browsers for Biological Databanks and SRSWWW-Global Status !Recent! at EMBnet-Basel (W3)
SSCPSSCP, Secondary Structural Content Prediction
  •  SSEARCH !Recent! - Universal Sequence Comparison Using the Smith-Waterman Algorithm at EERIE-Nimes, France (W3)
SSPRED !New! - Predict the Secondary Structure of Proteins at EMBL-Heidelberg, Germany (W3)
SURVOL !New! - Analysis of Protein Atomic Volumes at UCMB, Belgium (W3)
Swiss-2DPage - Two-dimensional Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Database at ExPASy, Switzerland (W3)
SWISSDOM - SwissProt Entries in a ProDom Map at EBI, UK (W3)
Swiss-Model - Automated Protein Modelling at ExPASy, Switzerland (W3)
SWISSNEW - New SwissProt Sequences at EBI, UK (W3)
SwissProt - Protein Sequence Database (+ Weekly Updates) at ExPASy, Switzerland (W3)
Swiss-Shop - Automated SwissProt and Prosite Information Queries at ExPASy, Switzerland (W3)
TBASE !Recent! - Transgenic/Targeted Mutation Database at John Hopkins (W3)
TFASTA !Recent! - Match a Protein Sequence Against All Six Frames of GenBank Sequences at EERIE-Nimes, France (W3)
TFD - Transcription Factor Database at NIH (Gopher)
TFFACTOR and TFSITE - Transcription Factor Data at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
Tm - Oligonucleotide Melting Point Determination at U. Minnesota (W3)
TMAP - Identification of Transmembrane Segments on a Protein Sequence at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
TMBASE - Transmembrane Protein Database at U. Lausanne, Switzerland (FTP)
Translate !Recent! - Translate a Nucleotide Sequence into Amino Acid Sequence at EERIE-Nimes, France (W3)
TreeGen - Tree Generation from Distance Data at ETH-Zürich, Switzerland (W3)
TREMBL - Database of Translated Peptide Sequences of All CDS Features from EMBL Sequences at EMBL-Heidelberg (W3)
VecBase !Recent! - Cloning Vector Sequence CAOS/CAMM, The Netherlands (W3)
VECTOR !Recent! - Cloning Vector Database at BEN, Belgium (W3), Vector at John Hopkins and Vector-ig at IVR, Kyoto-U., Japan (Gopher)
WebLogo - Sequence Logo Generation at Cambridge U., UK (W3)

Part 2: Bibliographic, Text and WWW Searches


AGRICOLA !New! - Bibliographic References (Plant Genome Subset) at USDA-NAL (Gopher)
Annual Reviews !New! - Bibliographic Searches at LMMB-National Cancer Institute (W3)
ArchiePlexForm - Search Files Available by Anonymous FTP at LeRC-NASA (W3)
Beckman-Bioresearch !New! - Information on Protein and DNA Applications, Meetings and Product Information at Beckman Instruments (W3)
BIBLIO - Molbio Journal Searches at Genethon, France (Gopher) and Biology Journal Contents at CERN, Switzerland (W3)
BIBSYS !Recent! - Interuniversitary Bibliographic System in Norway (W3)
BIOBIB - Biocomputing Bibliography at ICGEB-Trieste, Italy (Gopher) and CompAlgo at CERN, Switzerland (W3)
BioCatalog !Recent! - Catalog of Molecular Biology Programs at EBIBio-catalogue at Genethon, France and BIOCAT !Recent! at CAOS/CAMM, The Netherlands (W3)
Bio/Chemical Journals and Newsletters !New! - Table of Contents and Abstracts of Different Titles at Iowa State (W3)
Bio-Email - List of Biomedical E-Mail Servers and Bio-Email-Search at Washington U. (W3)
Bioline - Bio-Publications at Base de Dados Tropical, Brazil (W3)
BioMOO - The Biologists' Virtual Meeting Place at Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel (W3)
Bionet Journal Articles and Bionet News (Gopher)
BIOSCI Archives at EMBnet-UK (Gopher) and BIOSCI at CERN, Switzerland (W3)
Biotechnology Abstracts DataBase at Stack-Serpukhov, Russia (Gopher)
Biotechnology Bibliographies at BIC-U. Maryland/College Park (W3)
BOING - Bio Oriented INternet Gophers at John Hopkins (Gopher)
BRASS - Bioinformatics Resource for Algorithms, Software and Sequences at U. Manchester, UK (W3)
CARL UnCover - Bibliographic Service from U. Texas (Telnet)
CCIIM !New! - Clearinghouse for Chemical Information Instructional Materials at Indiana U. (Gopher)
CRIS - Current Research Information System on Research Grants at USDA (Gopher)
Codon Usage Tables at Massachusetts General Hospital-Harvard and Table of Standard Genetic Code at NIH (Gopher)
Companies Selling Restriction Enzymes - Select Companies and Enzymes at John Hopkins (W3)
Conference Listings - Search Chemistry, Biology and Medicine Conference Catalogs at Northern Illinois (W3)
DataResearch-Demo-Authority and -LCMARC Databases at Data Research Associates (W3)
DIBUG - Discover Insight Biosym User Group Mailing List at EMBnet-Basel, Switzerland (Gopher)
EMBL-Software - Listing of Software Available from EMBL at U. of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden (Gopher) and EMBL.ALL-Search at John Hopkins (W3)
FGSC - Fungal Genetics Stock Center Online Catalogue at U. Kansas (W3)
FisherBiotech !New! - Reagents Catalog with Safety Information at Fisher Scientific (W3)
GenTools at John Hopkins (Gopher)
INFOMINE !Recent! - Search Biological, Agricultural and Medical Resources at U. California-Riverside (W3)
Internet Chemistry Index !New! - Chemistry WWW Pages and Services at FU-Berlin (W3) at
Invitrogen - Vector Sequences, Protocols and Product Information (Gopher)
Jughead - Gopher Directory Search at W&L (Gopher)
L.Allison Biblio - Collected References in Algorithms, Computing for Molecular Biology, WWW Sites, etc. at Monash University, Australia (W3)
Life Sciences List of Journals at UCSC (Gopher)
List of On-Line Experts - Contacts of Experts on Different Proteins/Enzymes at ExPASy, Switzerland (W3)
List of Protein Nomenclature References - References on Protein Nomenclature and Terminology at ExPASy, Switzerland (W3)
Listdoc - Amos Bairoch's List Documents Describing Molecular Biology Oriented Services, Software, Email Servers, FTP Sites, etc. at ExPASy, Switzerland (W3)
LITDB - PRF Protein/Peptide Literature Database at GenomeNet, Japan (W3)
MEDLINE - Bibliographic References (Subset in Molecular Genetics) of the National Library of Medicine and ENTREZ-MEDLINE Subset !New! at NCBI and MEDLINE at EMBL-Heidelberg(W3)
Millipore On-line Catalog at John Hopkins (W3)
MSDS and MSDS-Search - Material Safety Data Sheets at Utah U., Fisher Scientific MSDS's at Iowa State and MSDS-Info at ICGEB-Trieste, Italy (Gopher)
Meetings/Symposia/Workshopsin Biotechnology at BIC-U. Maryland/College Park (W3)
Newsletters - Newsletters in Biotechnology Issues at BIC-U. Maryland/College Park (W3)
NSF-Awards - Information on Research Grants at NSF (Gopher)
On-line Journals at Harvard (W3)
OWLREF !New! - Search the References of OWL (Non-Redundant Protein Database) at John Hopkins (W3)
Patents !Recent! - STO's Internet Patent Search System at SunSITE-USA/UNC-Chapel Hill (W3)
Powell's Technical Books - Consult Titles and Prices at Powell's Technical Bookstore (W3)
QCPE - Quantum Chemistry Program Exchange Program Library at Okazaki National Research Institute, Japan (W3) and Quantum Chemistry Acronyms Database at Northern Illinois U.(Gopher)
Resource-Search - Search Biotechnology Links at Biotech-Indiana (W3)
Scientific Journal Abbreviation at Oregon State (Gopher)
Seqanalref - Sequence Analysis Bibliographic Reference Data Bank at ExPASy, Switzerland and Seqanalref - at Harvard (W3)
Softsearch - Search and Retrieve Software and Data starting at John Hopkins (W3)
Springer Verlag Journals - Tables of Contents of Different Titles (Gopher)
Taxaform !New! - Ride the Web Lift to Taxonomy at The Tree of Life !Recent! - A Phylogenetic Navigation System for the Internet at U. Arizona (W3)
U.S. Patent Database at Town Hall (W3)
U.S. Patent Classifications - Information on Classification Scheme and Class Definitions including Class 424 - Drug, Bio-Affecting and Body Treating CompositionsClass 435 - Chemistry: Molecular Biology and Microbiology and Class 930 - Peptide or Protein Sequence and AIDS Patents Databases at CNIDR (W3)
Veronica - Search Gopher Files and Directories at U. Nevada (Gopher)
W3 Search Engines at Georgia Tech (W3)
WebCrawler !New! at U. Washington (W3)
WebIndexes !New! at U. Washington (W3)
WWW VL Biosciences Index - Search Keith Robison's Catalogs at Harvard (W3)
WWW Worm at U. Colorado-Boulder (W3)

Part 3: Guides, Tutorials and Help Tools


Abbreviation of Chemical Compounds at FU-Berlin, Germany (W3)
Ag/Biotech Electronic Information Resources at U. Maryland (Gopher)
Amino Acids at FU-Berlin, Germany (W3)
Atlas of Side-Chain and Main-Chain Hydrogen Bonding !New! at UCL-London, UK (W3)
BBHelp !New! - Molecular Biology Help at U. Cape Town, South Africa (W3)
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet (W3)
Biocomputing Survival Guide - A Cookbook for the User of Computers in Molecular Biology at EMBnet-Basel, Switzerland (W3)
BioGuide - PCR Guide at Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel (W3)
Biologist's Guide to Internet Resources at U. Minnesota (Gopher)
BIOSCI/Bionet FAQ at ANU, Australia (Gopher)
Biotech-Support - Decision Documents and Risk Assessments on Different Microorganisms Used by Man at EPA (W3)
BIRCH - Biological Research Computer Hierarchy User's Guide at U. Montreal, Canada (Gopher)
Book Reviews in Biology at John Hopkins (Gopher)
Chemist's Guide to Network Resources at CSC, Finland (Gopher)
Conversion of Units !New! at FU-Berlin, Germany (W3)
Course/Tutorial in Cell Biology !New! at U. MinnesotaCourse in Cell Biology at Emory U. (W3) and Course in Cell Biology (in French) at U. Montreal, Canada (Gopher)
Course on GDB and OMIM Access !New! at CAOS/CAMM, The Netherlands (W3)
Course on Organic Chemistry of Biomolecules at U. Windsor, Canada (W3)
Course on Principles of Protein Structure !Recent! - A Collaborative Virtual Course Organized by the Collaborative BioMolecular Tools at Birkbeck College-Londen, UK (W3)
Course on Recombinant DNA Technology at U. Minnesota (W3)
Databases Related to Agricultural Biotechnology at U. Maryland (Gopher)
Dictionaries at Iowa State (W3)
Dictionary of Cell Biology at IBLS-Glasgow U., UK (W3)
Directories Related to Agricultural Biotechnology at U. Maryland (Gopher)
GCGdoc !Recent! - GCG Documentation (V.8) at Institut Pasteur, France and GCGdoc-Français !Recent! at IGBMC-U. Strasbourg, France (W3)
GCG-GenManual (Analysis Type) and GCG-GenHelp (Program Name) at Harvard (W3)
Guide to Alscript at U. Oxford, UK (W3)
Guide to Biosym Software at U. Zurich, Switzerland (W3)
Guide to Computer-Assisted Drug Design at Computational Chemistry Archives-Ohio (Gopher)
Guide to Delila at NCI-FCRF (W3)
Guide to DNA Cloning in E. coli at UWF (Gopher)
Guide to GCG and AGRENET at U. Minnesota (W3)
Guide to Geometric Aspects of Protein Structure and Function at Duke (W3)
Guide to Molecular Biology Databases at U. Michigan (W3)
Guide to Molecular Modeling at NIH (W3)
Guide to Printed Information Sources in Biotechnology at U. Maryland (Gopher)
Guide to ProCheck at EMBL-Heidelberg, Germany (W3)
Guide to RasMol !Recent! (see Source) at Birkbeck College-London, UK (W3)
Guide to Sequence Search at Harvard (W3)
Guide to XMol at U. Minnesota (W3)
Hyperactive Molecules Using Chemical MIME - WWW Display of 3D Chemical Information at Imperial College, UK (W3)
Fundamental Physical Constants at FU-Berlin, Germany (W3)
Interaction Trap - Method to clone cDNAs of proteins that interact w/ known protein at Harvard (Gopher)
Introduction to Searching Internet Biotechnology Resources at Biotech-Indiana (W3)
Manual of Biosafety (UNIDO) at EMBRAPA, Brazil (Gopher)
Manual of Molecular Biology Techniques !New! at U. Cape Town, South Africa (W3)
Materials & Methods and M&M-Search - Laboratory Protocols at Bio-Indiana (Gopher)
Mathematics & Biology at IMB-Jena, Germany and Mathematics & Biology at John Hopkins (Gopher)
MODULES in Extracellular Proteins !New! at EMBL-Heidelberg, Germany (W3)
Molecular Biology Protocols !New! at NWFSC-NOAA (W3)
Monosaccharide Browser - Investigate Monosaccharide Structure at U. Leeds, UK (W3)
NetBiochem - Medical Biochemistry Course at U. Utah (W3)
Primer on Molecular Genetics at John Hopkins (W3)
Molbio French Dictionary and its English-French Version at CITI2, France (Gopher)
PCR in situ (1) and PCR in situ (2) at U. Minnesota (W3)
Periodic Table at Berkeley and WebElements at U. Shefield, UK (W3)
RasmolHELP at Iowa State (W3)
Representation of Molecular Models and Rendering Techniques at Geneva U., Switzerland (W3)
SI Units at FU-Berlin, Germany (W3)
Technical information on 2-D PAGE at ExPASY, Switzerland (W3)
Tutorials in Analytical Chemistry at Virginia Tech (W3)
Tutorial in Cytology !Recent! at NUS-HISTONET, Singapure (W3)
Tutorials in General Virology at IMV-U. Wisconsin-Madison (W3)
Tutorial in Molecular Virology !New! and Tutorial in Clinical Virology !New! at U. Cape Town, South Africa (W3)
Tutorials in Organic Chemistry at Virginia Tech (W3)
Tutorials in Physical Chemistry !New! at UC-San Diego and Tutorials in Physical Chemistry at Virginia Tech (W3)
UNIXhelp for Users and UNIX Manual Pages (W3)
WWW Introduction !Recent! at EMBNet-Basel, Switzerland (W3)

AA-Notations and Properties and AA-Images with Atomic Numbering at IMB-Jena, Germany (Gopher) AA-Index - Amino Acid Index Database at GenomeNet, Japan and NAKAI !Recent! atCAOS/CAMM, The Netherlands (W3)